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I. Definitions

The terms used in the stipulations in this disclaimer are defined in the following ways:

  1. ChampionChip: ChampionChip B.V. and/or businesses directly affiliated therewith.
  2. User: you or the end-user of the Website.
  3. Website: the ChampionChip website and all other sites of Champion Chip B.V. and of the businesses affiliated therewith that are connected by links to the ChampionChip website
  4. Information: the content of the Website and all information, pictures, trademarks, logos and icons in respect of ChampionChip and the businesses, services, and products affiliated therewith.

II. Scope of the disclaimer

  1. This disclaimer obtains for use of the Website.
  2. No fee is required for access to the Website.
  3. By making and keeping in contact with ChampionChip, the User assents to this disclaimer.
  4. ChampionChip reserves the right to change this disclaimer. If the User continues to use the Website after such (a) change(s), he is considered to have assented to the change(s) in question. It is the responsibility of the User to become acquainted with possible changes in the Disclaimer and to read this disclaimer in order to become thus acquainted with the changes in question.
  5. If the User does not agree with the changed conditions, then the User is to cease all use of the Website immediately.

III. Accuracy of information

  1. The Website and Information on the Website is published on the basis of details known to the manager of the MyChampionChip website. However, neither ChampionChip nor the manager of the Website can guarantee or accept responsibility for the correctness, reliability and completeness of the Information or guarantee that the Information is suitable for a specific purpose.
  2. The User also acknowledges that certain information is given by third parties to ChampionChip and that, as a consequence, the latter cannot offer any guarantees of any kind in respect of such information.
  3. ChampionChip endeavours to make the site as available as possible to the public but can at any time limit or interrupt access to the site for maintenance and updates, etc.
  4. The Website contains references or hyperlinks to other sites that lie outside the domain of ChampionChip. These are included for information purposes for the Users of the Website and selected in good faith. ChampionChip is not responsible for the content or availability of these sites or sources. ChampionChip does not give any guarantee nor accept any responsibility in respect of the content, data, advice, statements, software, products or other material on such sites or sources.

IV. Viruses

ChampionChip cannot guarantee that the Website and the servers used for the Website are free from computer viruses and does not therefore does not accept liability for them.

V. Limitation of liability

The User cannot hold ChampionChip liable, on the basis of the agreement, wrongful act, default, legal obligation or any other basis, for loss or damage of any kind that arises from or is connected in any way with the use of or functioning of the Website, including but not limited to damages for loss of commercial activities, lost profits, interruption of commercial activities, loss of commercial information or any form of monetary damage.

VI. Intellectual property rights

  1. ChampionChip is the owner of the Information of which the property rights are protected internationally by laws and regulations. The information may be used exclusively for personal, non-commercial application. It is not permitted to disseminate or to reproduce the information in any form, other than for personal, non-personal use. Written permission is required from ChampionChip for any other use.
  2. It is not permitted to copy parts of the Website electronically or in any other way except in as far as this is necessary for consulting this Website efficiently via the Internet and to make use of the services offered on the site.

VII. Links

  1. It is permitted to add hyperlinks to the Website, if they are exclusively and directly linked to the main page ChampionChip therefore expressly reserves the right to resist so-called direct deeplinks to certain components of the Website.
  2. It is not permitted to design the hyperlink to the Website in such a way that the internet user sees the Website in a frame on another internet page.
  3. It is not permitted to design a hyperlink to the Website in such a way that the present disclaimer is not directly or not completely visible.

VIII. Agreement

  1. The general terms and conditions of ChampionChip obtain to any agreement concluded between ChampionChip and the User.
  2. The application of terms and conditions other than those of ChampionChip is hereby expressly excluded.
  3. Information about and a copy of the general terms and conditions can be requested from the customer service of ChampionChip.

IX. Privacy

The included privacy conditions, such as the privacy statement as published elsewhere on this website, obtain for use of the Website.

X. Divisibility Clause

If any stipulation in this disclaimer is declared non-binding, this will not affect the binding character of the remaining stipulations of these terms and conditions. In the event of the nullity of one or more of the remaining stipulations, the parties will be bound by rules that have as much as possible the same import and are not subject to nullification.

XI. Other

This disclaimer is drawn up in both Dutch and English. If there is any discrepancy between the content and explanation of the Dutch and English texts, preference will be given to the Dutch text.

XII. Applicable Law

  1. Dutch law is applicable to the relationship between ChampionChip and the User.
  2. Any disputes can be submitted only to the authorized Dutch courts.