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Goffertpark Nijmegen

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The Goffertpark lies in the middle of the city of Nijmegen. It has a large green that is used for events like circuses, pop concerts and festivals. Apart from that there is a pet farm, a rosary, open air theatre, a wood and several ponds. At the edge of the Goffertpark there is an open air swimming pool, called the Goffertbad. Also the De Goffert stadium of Nijmegens premier league football club NEC lies in this park.

The TimePoint is located in the asphalt of the skating track of the Goffertpark. 25 meters further on there is a scoreboard next to the track. As soon as you pass the TimePoint, you can see your personal lap time there. And it's up there every time you pass it. That way you can compare your lap times and after the running, look them up on You can compare your times to your personal track record or to the lap times of other runners.

The Goffert track is 1.240 meters long. You can check it on the map. As an alternative there is also a shorter round of 575 meters around the rose garden. Of course, you can also run your own track and start your personal track on the website.

For complaints or remarks about this park, please contact us. You can buy a chip at MYLAPS.

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