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Parco Cittadella

Parco Cittadella

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Parco Cittadella is a pentagonal shaped fortress with towers and moats, built by Sir Alessandro Farnese, third Duke of Parma, at the end of XVIth Century.

Planned in every detail by Sir Alessandro Farnese, taking inspiration from Francesco Paciotto's fortress of Anversa, Cittadella was never a good defence from invader armies. It was more successfully used as a prison and a torture place to punish subversive attempts against the government.

It was later used as a barrack and then turned into a public park, keeping the pentagonal structure and the original main gate.

Today Parco Cittadella is daily visited today by hundreds of people who love to practice sports and relax in this beautiful place.

How to use the TimePoint Parco Cittadella

You can use the TimePoint wearing your YellowChip, the personal chip valid on every TimePoint in the world and on every event timed by ChampionChip.

You can buy a YellowChip:

  • On Line on
  • At the bar inside the city park
  • At the "FreeSport" shop - Via D'Azeglio 53 - Parma

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