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MyChampionChip Privacy Statement (version 2, april 2007)

Championchip B.V. wishes to make it absolutely clear that information submitted to the MyChampionChip website is used securely and appropriately. By registering on the website, you accept the following terms and are offered extra services by or in cooperation with ChampionChip.

Article 1 Definition

  1. ChampionChip: Championchip B.V. with its registered and administrative office at Havenweg 15, 6541 AD Nijmegen, Tel. +31 (0)24 379 12 44.
  2. MyChampionChip: website, property of ChampionChip, where the registered user enters and possibly changes, compares and accesses his details.
  3. registered user: individual, natural person registered/entered on the MyChampionChip website.
  4. distributor: ChampionChip distributor
  5. personal data: information that can be linked to a natural person, i.e. the registered users last name, first names, prefix, middle name, home address including postal code, telephone number, date of birth, sex, e-mail address and bank account number.
  6. anonymised data: data that cannot be traced to a natural person, i.e. training data, chip code, nickname.
  7. registration: ChampionChips registration of personal data. ChampionChip records information on registered users with a view to the administration and use of the MyChampionChip website.
  8. chip owner: individual natural person owning a chip, as known by ChampionChip or the ChampionChip distributor. A chip owner is not always a registered user.
  9. chip: ChampionChip chip
  10. processor: a person or organisation appointed by ChampionChip who processes and manages the personal data.
  11. ICODB: International Chip Owner Database. Digital file containing the following data of chip owners: (If known) chip code, first name, middle name or prefix, last name, date of birth or age, sex and nationality.
  12. TimePoint: fixed location where chips are electronically detected.
  13. SAO: Sports Area Owner. Natural person or organisation managing one or more TimePoints.

Article 2 Data collection objective

The use of MyChampionChip has the following objectives:

  1. To allow subscription as a registered user to MyChampionChip.
  2. To allow the registered user to take advantage of the possibilities offered by MyChampionChip.
  3. To offer the services of ChampionChip, the distributor in the registered users country of residence and/or the SAO of the TimePoint where the registrants chip has been detected for the first time.
  4. To provide information to the registered user about ChampionChip, the SAO and/or the distributor, possibly for marketing purposes related to the objectives of MyChampionChip.
  5. To allow registered users to enter competitions and participate in events.
  6. To inform distributor(s) of personal data to determine rightful ownership and use of the chip. A few services, such as competitions and events, are only accessible by chip owners as listed in the ICODB.
  7. In addition to the details you provided yourself, other information is gathered for comparative research between internet registration, loose sales and sales resulting from entered competitions. These data are used for anonymous, statistical research on the one hand and for the presentation of the website according to visitors' preferences on the other hand.

Article 3 Data processing

  1. The username and password you chose yourself as a registered user are the key to access your personal MyChampionChip page, which shows you your processed personal data and also allows you to change these data.
  2. If you have forgotten your password, you can ask to receive it by e-mail. For security reasons, the password is only given to you if there is no reasonable doubt that these data will reach you without any direct unauthorised access by a third party.
  3. The registered user is responsible for storing and remembering the username and password.
  4. On your personal page, you give yourself a pseudonym (nickname) and link your chip code to your registration. Entering chip codes of others is not allowed and such codes will be removed by ChampionChip or by the processor.
  5. Your chip code, the nickname you submitted and the training data generated by your chip are considered anonymous data and are the property of ChampionChip. Only your anonymised data can be made public. These data will be used for presenting your lap times on the scoreboards of the permanent and/or temporary ChampionChip systems, on MyChampionChip and on information presentation systems of other organisations.
  6. The anonymised data shall also be used for presenting your performance when exchanging and/or accessing your training data on MyChampionChip, possibly with one or more "sports buddies" you selected.
  7. ChampionChip does not make the registered user's data available to any third party, unless it receives the explicit approval of the registered user or it is legally obliged to supply the data.
  8. Registration does not include any other type of personal data than those mentioned in the definition under e.
  9. ChampionChip decides who is the processor. ChampionChip obligates the processor to observe this statement and to strive for confidentiality with regard to the personal data that is processed. ChampionChip keeps a written record of the processor's tasks, rights and obligations. The processor is responsible for the good operation of the facilities under his administration. He takes the necessary measures with regard to the security of areas such as equipment, software and the data used during registration. The measure(s) taken can be accessed under processor. As soon as ChampionChip is able to process the personal data independently, the data shall no longer be processed by the processor, but by one or more ChampionChip employees.

Article 4 Removal and destruction of personal data

  1. Personal data are removed from the registration as soon as the registered user sends a request by e-mail.
  2. If storage is legally required, removed personal data are archived in a separate registration system.

Article 5 Security

Data are protected against unauthorised access, use, change or supply. However, every computer use should realise that electronic break-ins and theft are a real danger. Protection against such practices helps, but security is never 100%. The storage and transfer of your data via the internet are technically and organisationally protected by techniques that are presently customary. The processor is also subject to an equal duty to protect all or parts of the facilities he is responsible for.

Article 6 Liability

  1. ChampionChip pays the utmost care it processes data correctly and securely, but cannot guarantee that statistical or dynamic data generated on the permanent systems are (temporarily) shown incorrectly on the site, for example following a calamity.
  2. Exercise is a beneficial and healthy activity. ChampionChip cannot be held liable for any health problems caused during or after exercising with a chip.

Article 7 Other provisions

  1. No aspect of MyChampionChip must be used for further commercial publication.
  2. If you have any questions regarding privacy, would like to remove your details or would like to access the data we registered for you, please send an e-mail to
  3. By using MyChampionChip, you declare to have read this statement and to have approved its content. ChampionChip can change its policy at any time. If this is the case, changes are published on to ensure that you remain informed of which information has been gathered, how it is used and in which circumstances it is made available.
  4. ChampionChip and the processor shall process, manage and use all your data according to the Personal Data Protection Act.